Cold Call Practice Blitz

with the Uvaro community

Cold calling is intimidating! You’re thrown in the deep end, told to learn by doing, and to improve as you go — all while not jeopardizing real deals! Which is tough! 

This is why we look forward to having you join the Uvaro community in a safe and encouraging space to practice the cold calling skills needed to excel in your day-to-day role. 

Join this practice blitz to: 

  • Get real-time feedback 
  • Talk through tips and tricks
  • Practice your go-to lines

It’s that simple.

Build on what you already know and get a new perspective on cold calling! These workshops are run by program graduates and current recruits. They embody perfectly the mantra of these events... 

Practice, practice, practice!


Join us May 18th, 6-7 PM ET